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The Best Living Room Upgrade Starts with a Massage

If you are looking to bring that spa quality massage home with you, looks no further than one of these luxury massage chairs from the top brands in teh industry including Osaki, Titan, Sharper Image, Infinity Massage, Kyota, JP Medics, LifeSmart, Human Touch and More!

GCI - Bringing More Comfort To The Way We Do Outdoors!

Outdoor Living

The SofiHub TEQ-Secure is a lightweight, easy to use safety pendant that can issue an emergency request to multiple people at the touch of a button via SMS. Equipped with global positioning and mobile network technology, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enable immediate voice contact via a built-in speaker phone. 

1 - Live location status available via SOFIHUB online portal

2 - Geofencing system allows user to easily establish and monitor safe zones

3 - Fall detector with SOS feature to quickly communicate emergencies

4- Two-way voice call enables daily and emergency contact

5 - Charging cradle uses spoken word reminders to indicate when battery is low

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