Advertising – Media Kit

Advertising – Media Kit

Welcome to our media kit.  Below you will find all of our advertising offering including Banner Ads, Advertorials, Senior Housing, Business Directory, Shopping, Emails, Surveys and Market Research. Advertising – Media Kit

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Download Our Media Kit is the preeminent resource for information, products, and services focused on meeting the needs of seniors and those serving seniors in our communities. As the name suggests, we are only about seniors. As grows and expands in its offerings and its visitors, we will seek to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and informative content available today.

The mission of is to provide an environment where our members and visitors can communicate with family and friends, research information relevant to their daily lives, share stories and experiences and purchase products and services safely. The vision of our website is to reflect the interests and lifestyle of our unique audience. In addition to catering to our members, provides important information that can be helpful to family members and caregivers. We strive to anticipate the needs and desires of our audience in order to provide a comprehensive portal for people ages 50 and above.

This makes a great place for advertisers seeking to reach and influence this target audience. Don’t miss your opportunity to present your brand, products or services at the fingertips for this powerful market.

  • is an information resource and social networking community serving both seniors and caregivers
  • offers targeted search functions, vertical content channels, community interaction and shopping
  • A comprehensive portal for people ages 50 and above
  • Expert content published covering a variety of topics requested by our member
  • Interactive community and social networking systems
  • Environment where our members and visitors can communicate with family and friends
  • Environment to research information relevant to daily lives of seniors and caregivers
  • Environment to share stories and experiences
  • Environment to purchase products and services safely
  • Website that reflects the interests and lifestyle of our unique audience demographics and the boomer generation
  • Business Directory, Housing Directory , Shopping Area for products, insurance, and other services safely
  • and its advertisers benefit from top search engine visibility on thousands of senior related terms.
  • can display your marketing message worldwide to all of our members and guests or to targeted visitors by state, city or even zip-code-specific geography.
  • has been in business for more than 12 years


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