Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants

Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants

10 Reasons To Work With An Independent Timeshare Consultant
Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants

  1. You’ve “Googled” timeshare and come up with 15 million responses. Need a little help editing those responses? Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants
  2. How do you know which of the thousands of timeshares on the resale market is the best fit for your needs?
  3. How many timeshare sales pitches have you gone on? Do you know the “timeshare movie” by heart?
  4. Hmmm, the timeshare salesperson started by saying that the price was $40,000…by the time the manager came over, the price dropped down to $10,000. Did you find that confusing?
  5. Did you really believe the last timeshare salesperson you dealt with…the 22 year old who said that he owned a 3-bedroom in Hawaii?
  6. What does “all red, all the time” really mean? Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants
  7. You get the price of just about everything else online, why won’t the developer give you the price of the timeshare online? Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants
  8. You’re confused with all the media coverage about timeshare being a lousy investment.   Isn’t spending money on hotel bills a lousy investment?
  9. Why would you buy anything after listening to a biased salesperson for 2 hours? Do you buy anything else that way?
  1. How many more “cheap” timeshares do you want to buy before you realize “cheap” isn’t necessarily good?

Lisa Ann Schreier, The Timeshare Crusader, is the founder of Timeshare Insights ( a timeshare consultancy service. She is the author of both “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation…Confessions From The Sales Table” and “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies.” Lisa is a frequent contributor to major media, a blogger and a sought after speaker. Benefits of Independent Timeshare Consultants

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Lisa Ann Schreier

Lisa Ann Schreier has been involved in the timeshare industry since 2000. Media outlets such as CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, The Ladies’ Home Journal regularly seek her out. Lisa has written 2 books on timeshare aimed at consumers. In addition to her monthly “Ask the Timeshare Crusader” feature with, she serves as the Lead Advocate on timeshare issues on She also serves as the Director of Member services for the National Timeshare Owners Association. readers receive a special discount on an annual NTOA Value membership by using CODE TI545…just click here to join

To send Lisa a question and have her answer it here in her column, write her at and follow her on Twitter at @LisaLooksAt.

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