FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— August 15, 2018, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.   The world’s most comfortable reclining chair is now available on, the foremost expert website on senior living.

“The MaxiComfort Cloud Chair, with Twilight technology from Golden Technologies, not only offers seniors comfort while relaxing in their homes, but also many health benefits,” stated Jeff Dailey, CEO, and founder of located in Orange County, CA.

The chair’s Twilight positioning namesake derives from how it places seniors in a reclining position like no other chair. Using a three-motor cradle technology (patent pending), the chair comes to a full tilt, giving users a feeling of zero gravity while also being safely cradled. Three position presets are available, including “TV Watching,” “Zero Gravity,” and “Lounge.” All three use the Twilight function in order to maximize comfort.

According to Dailey, studies show there are many health benefits to sitting in a “twilight” position. When you sit with your feet above your heart, not only do you rest and relax, but your body begins to flush the lymphatic system and increased circulation takes place. In the lounge position, the chair puts the knees, thighs and back at a 30° angle and makes the body feel safe and cradled, taking pressure off the spine, reducing spinal and muscle fatigue. Also, when knees are slightly bent, instead of flat, it relieves pressure from the joints, letting the user’s body fully relax.

Lastly, this one-of-a-kind chair not only reclines its user but can also safely lift the user up in order to easily stand up and get out of the chair. Again, utilizing the three-motor technology, it lifts up and tilts forward to gently ease the user to a standing position. This way, users don’t have to use their own momentum to stand up—saving their legs and back the strife of rocking, pulling and, even worse, falling.

Other features of the MaxiComfort Cloud Chair include a user-friendly remote, automated functions, several varieties of fabrics and colors, and user-set, pre-programmed positions.

“This chair is truly ground-breaking and will make a huge difference in the quality of life for seniors,” added Dailey. “We are proud to include it in our vast offerings to help make that difference.”

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