FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— May 17, 2017, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Today, the leading website for senior living products,, announced it has added Reminder Rosie, a digital, hands-free, voice-controlled alarm clock to its catalogue of products for the senior community.

“Reminder Rosie is a wonderful product that fits perfectly in our portfolio of everyday items that help improve seniors’ lives,” says Jeff Dailey, founder and CEO of “This product takes a common senior problem (memory issues) and empowers them with simple voice commands—without complicated technology.”

According to Dailey, Reminder Rosie, manufactured by LifeAssist Technologies, Inc, is a voice reminder alarm clock that allows caregivers and loved ones to record up to 25 personalized messages in any language. Reminders can include scheduled appointments, medication and task adherence, or even a message of love from a son, daughter or grandchild. Studies show that hearing messages in a familiar voice prove to deliver the highest level of compliance.

The clock itself is senior-friendly with a large, easy-to-read digital interface. Commands are hands-free. Benefits of voice command are many. It can relieve stress on a caregiver, minimizing the feeling of “nagging” a patient; it assists those who are visually impaired with a large interface and voice controls; and it maximizes the user’s engagement and independence on a daily basis.

“Reminder Rosie is designed to solve the very real daily challenges of memory loss for seniors,” adds Dailey. “We’re excited to have it in our collection.”

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