Medosi Energy Drops that Improve your Health

Medosi Energy Drops that Improve your Health

In a marketplace flooded with subpar products, Medosi doesn’t want to be seen as just another CBD company or even a CBD company at all!

They see their focus being on the whole plant, something they call “whole spectrum health.” Medosi offers a very diverse product line, from their CBD sprays to tasty CBD gummies, and a roll-on gel, plus CBD oil available in both full spectrum and THC-free varieties. They’re “obsessive about quality” and we thought it shines through in the final products they make.

We appreciated that each product comes with its own, easy to access certificate of analysis. Medosi uses a cGMP facility to make their products, ensured the highest standards in purity and cleanliness.

Medosi Energy Spray 180 mixes full spectrum CBD with green tea and green coffee bean extract for a healthy alternative to energy drinks.  Though the serving size is 6 pumps, we found just a few pumps were enough for a small boost. Since the spray goes right under your tongue, it absorbs into the body quickly. For regular CBD users, you may find this spray works best in addition to your daily regimen of capsules, oil, etc. The taste was a pleasant mixture of hemp and green tea, sweetened but with a little bitterness from both.

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