Clearly Herbal All Natural Rose Water Baby Wipes

Clearly Herbal C01308-1PK
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Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes are among the finest aromatherapeutic wipes for your baby. Formulated to calm and soothe the senses by using the finest selected essential oils and herbal extracts. Every wipe contains the goodness of our herbal formula. Our emphasis on quality lies within both the baby wipe formula, and the quality of the cloth itself. These wipes are made with a specially enhanced traction pod weave and fiber blend to provide a superior wiping and lifting performance.

Special Formulation:

  • Enriched with high quality ROSE WATER, TEA TREE OIL, ALOE VERA and GREEN TEA.
  • Made with the highest quality hydroentangled base sheet.
  • The ultimate baby wipe for users in terms of small, wipe quality, freshness, packaging, durability, effectiveness and much more.


  • ROSE WATER BABY WIPES Clearly Herbal Baby Wipes Are Made with the Finest Rose Geranium Essential
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE Only the finest Rose Geranium oil
  • TRACTION POD TECHNOLOGY for enhanced wiping and lifting, better traction then Huggies, Pampers, and Seventh generation 

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • Case of 48 Travel Packs (12 wipes per pack)
  • Case of 12 Soft Packs (72 wipes per pack)
  • Bundle of 4 (1 bundle has 4 packs of 72 wipes)
  • Single soft pack of 72 wipes