Actimove Adjustable Patella Strap Knee Support - Universal Black

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Actimove's Sports Edition Patella Strap provides targeted patella pain relief that stays in place. Actimove Sports Edition supports aids with pain relief and healing through balanced warmth and medical compression. Whether you are running a marathon, recovering from an injury, overcoming daily movement-pain related challenges, you can rely on Actimove to help with pain relief and provide the support you need.


  • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: Enjoy sports, as pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Targeted pain relief through increased pressure on patella tendon from the high density EVA shaped insert.
  • EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY: Neoprene-Free and made with COOLMAX AIR technology, engineered for quick drying and exceptional breathability to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.
  • STAYS IN PLACE: Silicone dot lining ensures Actimove's Sports Edition Patella Strap will stay in place and fit securely during activity.
  • ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT: Adjust the level of support for comfort, no matter the activity!
  • IDEAL FOR LEFT OR RIGHT LEG: This support can be worn on either your left or right leg. Universal Sizing.

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