Core Products Swede-O Elastic Ankle Wrap

Core Products AKL-6323-SMD
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Swede-O® Elastic Ankle Wrap Support

  • Adjustable wrap for a customized fit
  • Light support for mild injuries and aching ankles
  • Getnle compression helps reduce inflammation
  • Soft, ventilated knit material is suitable for active use
  • Contours to the natural shape of the ankle
  • Bilateral design fits right or left ankle

This Swede-O® Elastic Ankle Wrap's adjustable strap provides a customized fit, allows for variations due to swelling, and offers easy application and adjustment. This support is ideal for mild injuries and aching ankles; gentle compression helps reduce inflammation. The ventilated material contours to the natural shape of the ankle for comfort during active use. Discreet under clothing; bilateral design fits right or left ankle.

STATEMENT OF USE: Provides light compression to the ankle.

Step 1: Slip the elastic sleeve over the foot like a sock.
Step 2: Wrap elastic strap over top of foot and under arch of the foot.
Step 3: Wrap strap around ankle, attaching hook onto the wrap.
Step 4: Adjust as needed. Support should sit snugly, yet comfortably.

WASH/CARE: Hand wash cold, mild soap, no chlorine additive, dry flat.

1 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guaranteed

AKL-6323-SMD: 17" x 7" (43.2 x 17.8 cm)
AKL-6323-LXL: 20.5" x 7.5" (52.1 x 19.1 cm)