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Browse through a variety of products and categories specifically for the bedroom including safety items, mattresses, beds & bed packages, underpads and incontinence aids, bed sheets and pillows, bedroom furniture and much more!
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The Stander BedCane is a one of a kind bedside safety handle that allows its users to transfer in and out of bed safely. The ergonomic, no-slip handle provides a low profile, comfortable grip and is adjustable in height for maximum comfort. The wooden platform provides a strong and steady hold for safety and peace of mind. The BedCane comes with a bonus organizer pouch to help keep valuables close by during the night. The BedCane also comes with a safety strap that attaches to the bed frame for additional stability. It’s perfect for most traditional home beds; not intended for use on adjustable beds..


  • Support Handle - Non-slip cushion handle makes it easy to get in-and-out of bed
  • 4-Pocket Organizer Pouch - Convenient storage to keep handy items close by.
  • Reversible - Can be placed on either side of the bed.
  • Safety Strap - Secures the bed rail to the bed frame.
  • Low Profile - Matches look and feel of your home.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - If you are unsatisfied for any reason – we will fix or replace your product.
  • Fits mattress height range of 12”-16”

Click here To Download The Instruction Manual

  • Rail Height: Adjustable 19” - 22”
  • Fits mattress thickness of: 12” - 16”
  • Rail Width: 15”
  • Base Dimensions: 23” x 19”
  • Weight of product: 12 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Made for Bed Type: Attaches to any home or many adjustable beds with included Safety Strap
  • Assembly: Installs in minutes with 3 bolts
  • Package Dimensions: 25” x 19” x 2”

Warning: Entrapment, Strangulation, Suffocation and Fall Hazards.
Gaps in and around this product can entrap and kill. People with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, or those who are sedated, confused, or frail, are at increased risk of entrapment and strangulation. People attempting to climb over this product are at increased risk of injury or death from falls. Always make sure this product is properly secured to bed. If product can move away from bed or mattress, it can lead to entrapment and death.

Warning: Suffocation/Strangulation Hazard/Entrapment Hazard
If product is installed incorrectly or moves from its initial position gaps can occur which can entrap and kill. People with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or other neurological conditions, or those who are sedated, confused, or frail, are at increased risk of entrapment, suffocation and strangulation.
• NEVER use unless product is tight against mattress, without gaps, and at least 12.5 in. from headboard and footboard.
• NEVER use with children.
• NEVER use on toddler, bunk, water, or inflatable beds, or on beds with mattress toppers or soft compressible pads.


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This slanted foam bed wedge is ideal for head, foot or leg elevation. Use it at the head of the bed to help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, respiratory problems or neck and shoulder pain. Also use at the foot of the bed to help relieve knee, leg or back pain. On top of all that it's also perfect for propping yourself up in bed while reading or watching TV! This highly functional Wedge Pillow will help ease aches and pains and make sitting in your bed comfortable and supportive.


  • Comfortable, gradual slope eases body aches and pains. Helps relieve respiratory problems, acid reflux, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and to minimize snoring.
  • Elevates your legs for better blood flow to the brain, improved circulation and less pressure on your back
  • Supportive, durable foam keeps its shape. It won’t flatten out or wear off over time.
  • Helps with recovery after surgery. Delivers proper elevation after foot, leg or knee surgery so you can recover comfortably.
  • Perfect to use while reading, watching TV or working on your electronic device in bed
  • Removable, zippered, machine-washable polyester/cotton cover


  • 7 Inch Wedge Angle is 30 degrees
  • 10 Inch Wedge Angle is 45 degrees
  • 12 Inch Wedge Angle is 50 degrees


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The ProBasics Personal Hydraulic Patient Body Lift with Sling  is designed and created to help make patient handling safer for caregivers by helping to prevent back injuries from manual transfers, the ProBasics Hydraulic Patient Lift is safe, stable and affordable. With its slim design, the ProBasics Hydraulic lift is versatile enough for use with most patient transfers. The lift features include durable steel construction with a hammertone finish, a push handle, a padded swivel bar and two locking rear casters. The ProBasics Hydraulic patient lift is light-weight, assembles and disassembles easily, and will rotate patients without side-to-side sway.


    • Heavy duty round tube steel construction with a chip resistant brown hammertone finish
    • Six-point swivel bar attachment easily adapts to all sling styles and positions (can be used with 4 or 6 point sling)
    • Low friction casters significantly improve rollability and contribute to caregiver safety. Rear two casters are locking
    • Pump handle can rotate from side to side for convenience of Attendant
    • Offset mast and boom style provide better lift path, maximizing full travel range
    • Elongated handle design serves a broad range of operator heights and offers improved handling ability
    • Completely enclosed cam moves legs of adjustable base
    • Base offers obstruction-free operation; ideal for cleaning
    • Screw-in pin at mast base provides maximum stability and prevents removal of mast
    • Weighs only 70 lbs
    • Slings are sold separately
    • These lifts are on deep discount as they have very minor scrapes or cosmetic issues due to shipping. these lifts are unused and in great condition


  • Four point strap hookup
  • Mesh or nylon slings are washer safe and can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Commode Opening: 8.5" x 11"
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • HCPCS Code: E0621

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Introudincing the newest product from Nova Medical Supply 0 the Bedroom Safety Rail. Helps users get in and out of bed safely. Height-adjustable 20” padded handle with easy push- button mechanism. Works with mattresses 6” - 12” in height. Compatible with all bed sizes (Twin, Queen, King). Securing strap attaches to opposite side of bed to ensure stability. Tool-free assembly and installation


  • Helps users get in and out of bed safely
  • Adjustable legs with non-slip tips
  • Height-adjustable 20” padded handle with easy push- button mechanism
  • Compatible with all bed sizes (Twin, Queen, King)
  • Works with mattresses 6” - 12” in height

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Aluminum Blanket Support keeps heavy sheets or blankets off sensitive feet. This blanket lift bar fits securely between the mattress and box spring for extra support. It is perfect for people with diabetic neuropathy and other conditions that cause foot sensitivity. The top is 20" wide and the bottom is 15" wide. The height is adjustable to 20".


  • Keeps blanket off feet and legs.
  • Securely fits underneath the mattress.
  • Height Adjustable to 20".

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Quik-Sorb Reusable Underpads give the user the comfort of cotton . . . with economy of a reusable! Each pad features a Birdseye 100% cotton top sheet as well as a waterproof back. All pads contain a heavyweight 8 oz. liquid fill absorbent center as well. Pads are washable up to 300 times and come complete with instructions for washing and drying. All Quik-Sorb Underpads Are Latex Free.


  • QUIK-SORB underpads give the user the comfort of cloth . . . with economy of a reusable!
  • Each pad features a Birdseye 100% cotton top sheet as well as a waterproof back plus elastic straps that secure it under a mattress.
  • Washable up to 300 times and come complete with instructions for washing and drying
  • Heavyweight 8 oz. liquid fill absorbent center as well.

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A too-soft mattress can be bad for your back because it does not provide the proper support. Soft mattresses can cause chronic back, neck and lower body pain, use this simple bed board to enhance your mattress and increase support! Just slide this board between your mattress and box spring and enjoy more firmness and a better night’s rest. It’s also useful in shoring up a sagging mattress. The board is foldable, making it easy to carry and store.


  • Folding bed board significantly improves your night rest by adding firm support to any bed for better back support, spine position and blood flow
  • The Board conveniently folds making it easy to carry and store. Folding sections line up with hospital beds allowing the bed board to give you firm support while not hindering the hospital bed's ability to raise and lower properly
  • The bed boards extend the life of the bed by simply sliding it underneath, making your mattress feel firm and new.Board is 3/4 inch thick
  • Does not move around under your mattress, as your bunky board gives you consistent support which equals a great nights rest and less back stiffness
  • Available for Twin & Double Size Beds

DMI Folding Bed Boards for Mattress Support

DMI Folding Bed Boards for Mattress Support

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FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers with tabs are made to protect against wetness while enhancing patient dignity and skin health. The less bulky, patented 4D-Core locks in moisture away from skin to help prevent discomfort and skin damage. Soft, cloth-like material adds extra comfort and skin-protecting moisture control. These adult incontinence diapers are easy to wear, provide a better fit and offer exceptional odor control for discreet protection. FitRight products are made here in the US.


  • The 4D-core with odor protection wicks away fluid to help promote dryness and maintain skin integrity
  • Soft antileak guards and ultra-absorbent core help reduce leakage and improve containment
  • Skin-safe closures provide secure, repeated refastenability
  • Ultrasoft cloth-like back sheet provides a discreet, garment-like feel and breathable side panels allow airflow for comfort
  • Wetness indicator changes color when the garment has been soiled
Size Guide

FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers Disposable Incontinence Briefs with Tabs - Heavy Absorbency - Case of 80

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Drive's white powder coated steel assistive bed M-Rail provides support when getting into and out of bed. It also gives added independence to someone who may need help to sit up, reposition, stand, or transfer out of bed to a mobile device like a walker or wheelchair. Its compact and ergonomically contoured M shape handle with a padded, no-slip grip allows for various hand positions to accommodate any user. Multiple crossbars creates easy grip for any height use. The special extra-long nylon safety straps wrap around the mattress or box spring to ensure a secure fit. It fits bed widths from single to king size. Also, included is a black accessory pouch with pockets that can hold personal items such as, glasses, television remote, magazines and much more. Assembly is quick and tool-free making this perfect for any home or for travel.


  • Designed to provide support when getting into and out of bed and when moving from a lying position to a sitting position
  • M shape allows for multiple hand positions to accomodate any user
  • Multiple crossbars creates easy grip for any height use
  • Easy, quick assembly
  • Safety strap wraps around mattress or box spring to ensure a secure fit
  • Special extra-long safety strap enables user to be in a single, twin, double, queen or king size bed
  • Made of powder coated steel for long life and easy cleaning
  • Includes accessory pouch for storing remote controls, glasses, magazines and more

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  • Super Plus extended capacity briefs are designed to keep patients dry and protected during heavy overnight flows
  • Cloth-like backsheet for improved comfort
  • Exceptional absorbency with interior leak barriers
  • Larger leg openings for better fit
  • Dual refastening tapes, odor control and wetness indicators
  • Three-part absorbent core for added dryness
  • Discreet profile for comfort and dignity
Size Guide
  • Small fits waist/hip sizes from 24″ – 35″ (60 cm- 90 cm) Case of 90
  • Medium fits waist/hip sizes from 35″ – 47″ (90 cm – 120 cm)  Case of 90
  • Large fits waist/hip sizes from 47″ – 59″ (120 cm -150 cm)  Case of 90


Round cervical pillow promoters proper cervical alignment when sleeping. Provides neck support when laying on back. 


  • Promotes Proper Cervical Alignment
  • Provides Neck Support While Sleeping on the Back
  • Choice of Two (2) Cover Styles: White Cotton or Blue Satin
  • Size: 6" X 18"

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The Roscoe Medical Overbed Table is a simple, no-tilt steel frame table on swivelling caster wheels. No bells & whistles with the focus on quality construction. When bed bound in hospital or at home, it’s important to minimize strain on the back & spine. Overbed tables promote ergonomic positions, but they all have too many fancy features! 


  • No muscle needed for the overbed table with wheels. Easily glide into place, then out of the way on the locking swivelling caster wheels
  • The hydraulic assist requires only very light pressure to raise, & minimal weight to lower. Safe for seniors or injured hospital bed patients
  • With no tilt adjustment, there’s no possibility of accidental tip overs. Roscoe’s strong steel frame provides reliable bed trays for eating
  • Scratch & spill resistant overbed table top with a classic walnut wood-grain finish. The over bed table can safely hold up to 40lbs
  • Holds everything needed to stay safely lying in bed. The 15 x 30 inch table top has space for a coffee & book on either side of a large sized laptop

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