Bio Bidet Pearl Handheld Personal Non-Electric Portable Travel Bidet

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The BioBidet Pearl TP-70 (375ml) is the perfect solution for when you're on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you. No batteries are required! Simply fill the reservoir with water, point, and spray. The nozzle extends and locks for spraying and retracts back into the water reservoir for easy storage. The TP-70 is small enough to store in purses, backpacks, and luggage. Recent improvements include additional holes in the nozzle for increased spray volume as well as additional reservoir capacity of up to 450ml.


  • Fill and use Almost 100% longer nozzle than the competition
  • Tap and store Angled nozzle for easy use 450ml water capacity
  • Use tap water
  • Convenient carrying case included
  • Never be caught off guard again with the all new TP-70 travel bidet
  • This handheld bidet can easily fit into a purse, back pack, or car
  • The soft squeeze bottle allows you to use this without the need for batteries
  • Equipped with a longer nozzle and double the nozzle holes, the TP-70 will get the job done quickly and easily

How To Use:

1.Fill the bidet with water and screw the nozzle cap on securely. Be sure to use caution when using hot water.
2. Cover the air lock at the bottom of the bidet to prevent leaking and turn the bidet upside down.
3. Point the bidet nozzle to the area you wish to clean and remove your finder from the air lock. Squeeze the bidet firmly to spray the water.