Cooshkins Precious Moments 99% Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Wipes

Cooshkins M01368-1BAG
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The choice made by mothers who demand only the best wipes. Cooshkins Precious Moments Sensitive Baby Wipes are one of the most commonly used lotion-formulated products used on your baby's skin. With our state of art water purification system we have developed one of the purest baby wipes in the world. Our lotion formula is so sensitive and gentle that it is 99% water. Both the baby wipe liquid and cloth have an emphasis on quality and purity. These wipes are super thick and soft for the best care and comfort for your baby.

Cooshkins Precious Moments Sensitive Baby Wipes work well with new borns and premature babies who have delicate and sensitive skin. Our baby wipes have the best ingredients and stay way from Parabens and Artificial Fragrances. Alcohol free and chlorine free. We just wanted to focus on bringing the purest baby wipe in the market so you can enjoy every precious moment with your newborn.


  • Precious Moments PURE WATER BABY WIPES are made with 99% PURE WATER
  • ONE OF THE PUREST FORMULA in the market that is Free of alcohols*, dyes, parabens, and fragrances , parabens, or alcohol
  • THICK & SOFT gentle absorbent cloths enriched with Aloe Vera
  • Suitable for newborn and premature babies, delicate and sensitive skin
  • 4 Pack x 60 Count = 240 Wipes