Maddak Ableware Heel Guide Compression Sock & Stocking Aid

Maddak 738550000
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The Ableware Compression Stocking Aid is the easiest way to put on compression hosiery. Unique indented channel on the inside of the center cone acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in perfect position while effortlessly pulling on the compression hose. Extra wide cone is ideal for people with edema or larger feet. Sturdy handles are 17 inches (43.2 cm) high, and reduce the need for bending or stretching. Fits up to 16.5 inch (42 cm) circumference. Comes apart for easy storage and travel. The Ableware Compression Stocking Aid comes with a one year limited warranty. Maddak specializes in home healthcare and rehabilitation products for the senior, disability and rehab markets. We have been recognized as the largest manufacturer in the United States of Aids for Daily Living (ADL). Maddak continues to design and manufacture products that increase mobility, maximize independence and enable people to live more rewarding, dignified and enriched lives.


  • Patented Heel Guide makes putting on compression hose seem almost simple
  • Extra wide cone is ideal for people with edema or larger feet
  • Sturdy handles reduce the need for bending or stretching
  • Easy to assemble
  • Breaks down for easy travel
  • Makes putting on compresson hose simple
  • 17" height to reduce the need to bend

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