Complete Medical Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit

Blue Jay An Elite Health Care Brand BJ100192

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Perfect for people who are recovering from hip knee or other surgeries where bending and mobility is compromised or difficult Contains products most often recommended by therapists


  • Aids To Daily Living
  • Stop Your Bending Deluxe Hip Kit (7-piece)w/26
  • Made in: United States


  • 1 26" Lightweight Reacher (Item # BJ100150)
  • 1 Long Handle 'Figure 8'Sponge (Item # BJ100181)
  • 1 Formed Sock Aid (Item # BJ100100)
  • 1 24 Metal Shoehorn (Item # BJ100145)
  • 1 27 Dressing Stick (Item # BJ100110)
  • 1 pair 24 Elastic Shoe Laces - White (Item # BJ100131)
  • 1 pair 24 Elastic Shoe Laces - Black (Item # BJ100130) 

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