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ECCB Outdoor - Eco-Friendly Poly Lumber Outdoor Furniture

If you are shopping for Adirondack chairs, you've come to the right place! We’ve sold Adirondack furniture for over 5 years now on our website, constantly improving the design according to customer feedback, adding features, and lowering our prices until we felt that our furniture represented the best value for your outdoor space. Fortunately, our customers agreed; the feedback that we’ve received over the years on our Outer Banks Adirondack chairs has been so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to scale up production and form a new company, ECCB Outdoor, to sell them across the United States.

Our customers love that they can now get low-maintenance poly lumber furniture that is the same quality as bigger brands that charge 2-3 times more for the same thing. Our product collection doesn't stop there! We offer matching dining chairs and bar stools, along with tables and accessorial products. Our furniture is commercial-quality, and it goes great on decks, patios, poolside, beachfront, or any outside space that inspires tranquility.

Located in the heart of Amish Country in Western Pennsylvania, we are a company of outdoor enthusiasts that have a great appreciation for nature and maintaining the sanctity and beauty of the earth. That is why the poly lumber products that we manufacture use recycled plastics that actually reduce the amount of trash in landfills and minimize the environmental impact of our furniture. In fact, even though our poly furniture is designed to last a lifetime, it can be recycled further when you’re done with it.