Exaco Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter - 55 Gallon

EXACO Trading co Aerobin 200
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The Exaco Aerobin 200 insulated composter is a true revolution in composters, the first of its kind insulated composter with its own unique patented Aeration Lung to eliminate the need for turning. The double wall unit is insulated with polystyrene to protect against cold weather. The walls and lid are 1.5-inch thick heavy construction to help prevent blowing over and won't fall apart; includes two side doors to remove compost. The double bottom tank collects liquid organic fertilizer and has a special outlet in the corner for removing the liquid to use in your gardens. The patented central aeration lung allows air to circulate in the composter, which helps the waste to breakdown twice as fast as regular composters. 55-gallon capacity.


  • Aerobin 200 is a 55 gallon capacity insulated composter with the patented aeration lung to increase air flow
  • Unit has a bottom reservoir to collect organic liquid fertilizer that can be used in gardens
  • Two side doors to remove compost
  • Makes compost twice as fast as other composters