LifeWalker UPWalker Neuro Upright Rolling Walker

LifeWalker Mobility Products H250 Neuro-Large
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The UPWalker Neuro features enhanced safety designs and functions to help those with movement and neurological disorders. UPWalkers are the only mobility aid that is ISO 11199-3:2005 Certified, making them the safest rollators on the market. Engineered from the ground up, UPWalker’s top priority is to ensure balance and safety with each step.

Walk upright right out of the box with our assembly free rollator. Adjustable for varied heights, UPWalkers are sturdy, comfortable and lightweight that easily fold for storage or transportation.


  • Adjustable armrests that can rotate inward to better support users with limited arm movement or muscle tone.
  • Resistance braking function to help control speed and acceleration.
  • Backup prevention mechanism to stop backward movement (retropulsion).
  • Personal bag with air vents for portable oxygen concentrators.
  • Motion–activated lights to improve visibility and safety.
  • Sit–to–stand handles that provide support when sitting and standing.
  • Bridge accessory attachment for even greater upper frame forearm stabilization.

User Preference:

  • The Height Range for the UPWalker Neuro is 5’3’’ – 6’10’’
  • Maximum Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs.

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