Nova Medical Designer Folding Walker Package with Cane and Accessories

Nova Medical Products 4080BA
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The Nova Medical adult folding walker in Pink with Floral Print or Blue has a lightweight aluminum frame. This Mobility Kitย is the perfect mobility walker starter and includes a cane, ski glides, cane holder and storage bag along with the walker. Weighs only 7 lbs and folds for easy transport. Equipped with 5 Inch wheels and is height adjustable forย user height: 4โ€™11 โ€“ 6โ€™5.


  • Weighs 7lbs.
  • Comes with 5โ€ณ fixed wheels and has a two button release, great security;Height Adjustment: 32.25 โ€“ 38 (approximate user height: 5โ€™4 โ€“ 6โ€™2); Width between arms: 17; Overall width: 23; Folding Width: 4;This stylish walker comes with four great accessories.

Items Included are:

  • 1070 - Offset Cane
  • 4001BK โ€“ Black Folding Walker Bag
  • 40027GR โ€“ Walker Glide Skis
  • CH-4000R โ€“ Cane Holder

Features of Items:

  • 1070โ€“ Lightweight aluminum, weighs only 1lb, handle height adjustments: 28 โ€“ 39 ( approximate user height: 4โ€™11 โ€“ 6โ€™5)
  • CH-4000R โ€“ Snaps on quickly and easily (no tools) to the walker and provides a perfect home for your cane. Fits 7/8 diameter canes
  • 4001BK โ€“ Folding walker bag attaches securely to the front of the walker. Has three front mesh pockets ideal for holding personal belongings. Dimensions: 15.5L x 13 W x 3 D
  • 40027GR โ€“ Attaches easily to the folding walker (no tools) Glides easily over different surfaces and door jams. No more tennis balls!