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CareTEQ Fall Detection Radar Sensing Monitor - TEQ-FallsAlert

CareTeq 125-TFA-21-US
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Expectations of care have never been higher. Providers are tasked with delivering safe, effective, compliant, personal and clinical care and yet traditional monitoring solutions often fall short by only solving part of the problem. Fortunately, the days of manual monitoring are behind us. The new TEQ-FallsAlert System is designed to meet the challenges of primary care, aged care & acute care environment

Features & Highlights:

  • Eliminate false alarms from traditional monitoring
  • Improved response times for critical incidents
  • Reduce staff complacency
  • Industry leading radar technology powered with AI
  • No wearables or trip hazards
  • Respects privacy and dignity – uses radar not cameras
  • Real Time monitoring.
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Monthly Subscription of $10 required (can be set up after purchase. Instructions included to set up subscription)
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  • 1 TEQ-FallsAlert
  • 1 Mounting Bracket

What Happens When Traditional Falls Monitoring Doesn’t Adequately Provide Effective Care?

Falls detection and prevention is reliant on the limitations of the systems that are being used – such as sensor mats, under floor sensors or wearable devices. Whilst the standards of care have been raised, the standards of monitoring technology have not kept pace – until now.

Ease Staff Workload and Increase Staff Engagement

TEQ-FallsAlert is a passive, real-time falls detection and prevention system for those in residential aged care, primary or acute care.

Compared to traditional falls monitoring systems, TEQ-FallsAlert saves staff hours and increases staff engagement.

  • No more false alarms
  • Reduce staff complacency; when TEQ-FallsAlert alerts the carer, the carer knows it is a true alarm
  • Data is logged for compliance
  • Analysis of past data helps to inform and limit the risk of future falls
  • Detect presence as well as falls
  • No need for a wearable device
  • Detect live falls from bed, seated and standing
  • Free from trip hazards