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LiViliti Healthy Hose Pro Flexible CPAP Hosing - 6 foot

LiViliti Health Products 19HHP72

The Healthy Hose Pro is independently tested to ISO 22196 and demonstrated a 99% reduction in microbes after 24 hours.


Features & Highlights:

  • HEALTHY HOSE PRO STANDARD is the first and only ISO 22196 certified sleep apnea machine replacement tube designed to help keep tubing clean. Improve your sleep hygiene with a healthy hose from Liviliti
  • INCREASED RANGE OF MOTION with a 72 inch long tube providing the freedom to move around at night. Easy to use, simply connect one end of the tube to your machine and the other end to your mask
  • EASY MAINTANENCE enhances the life of your hose. Wash regularly with mild soap and warm water, then lay on a flat surface to dry completely before use. Routine cleaning helps ensure the performance and longevity of your healthy hose pro
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN makes this hose compatible with almost all non-heated standard sleep apnea devices and masks that accommodate a 22mm cuff. The Healthy Hose Pro Standard is not compatible with devices requiring a 15mm or less hose
  • MADE IN THE USA the Healthy Hose Pro is BPA and Latex free. 

 Size Guide:

  • Standard - 6 feet long with 19mm tubing and 22mm cuff diameters for a universal fit
  • Slim - 6 feet long blue hose with 15mm tubing and 22mm cuff diameters for a universal fit