MOBB Home Bed Assist Hand Rail for Elderly and Seniors - Open Box

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Bed Assist Rails are commonly used for providing independence for elderly patients and those with limited mobility. The rail helps users maintain their balance as they get in and out of bed and lessen the risk of falling. The rail helps users move to a sitting position from lying down for those with weakened core muscles. The mounted rail also provides a secure handle that users can push and pull on while trying to position their bodies without sitting up, as well as, serves to notify patients where the edge of the bed is.

The EZ Grip Bed Assist Rail’s storage compartment is designed with a lid to safely secure item. The lid is completely removable to allow magazines or tall books to easily sit down in the compartment. The EZ Grip Bed Assist Rail with Storage Compartment is constructed of a heavy-duty plastic material. Unlike metal rails, the plastic material does not as readily absorb the cold and stays at a comfortable temperature. The material is also very easy to clean and will not corrode when exposed to liquids.

MOBB Home Bed Assist Handle, Depth Adjustable Hand Bed Rail for Elderly and Seniors