Zopec EXPLORE 8200 Travel CPAP Battery & Universal Power Pack (up to 4 nights)

Zopec Medical 218200C
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The Zopec EXPLORE 8200 Travel CPAP Battery & Universal Power Pack is designed to sleep with CPAP/BiPap for 24 - 32 hours WITHOUT Heated Humidifier and Heated tube (depending on settings, see image for run time table). Uninterrupted sleep through Power Outages. Fast Car Charger Included! For extended power outages, powerful Solar Charger (40W, 60W, 100W) available for separate purchase. Very versatile for power outages, can run lift chair and internet modem, laptops, phone to stay connected.

*Please note that this battery is NOT FAA/TSA Compliant for Air Travel.



  • 2021 PORTABLE MODEL: 218200C
  • Content: Zopec Battery, Universal Wall Charger, fast 45W Car Charger, travel pouch, user manual, and nice white storage box.
  • HAVE 3 OPTIONS FOR SOLAR CHARGERS (40W, 60W, 100W) for different weather conditions. (separate purchase)
  • Common Uses: Camping/Hiking with CPAP 3 – 4 nights. RV over night with humidifier (mid-level)
  • Silver Level UPS Technology: Uninterrupted sleep when power outages occur!
    • UPS supports CPAP and BiPap. Must turn off Humidifier and Heated Tube.
    • Battery stays at 100% as standby power. AutoSwitch to battery power instantly with sensors.
    • Normally uses wall power with pass-through. Doesn’t hurt battery life plugged in 24/7.
  • Ultra-High Battery Capacity: 288 Wh / 80 Ah. (about 1 car battery but only 3.5 lb.!)
    • Sleep 8 - 12 hours with humidifier (up to mid-level) but no heated tube
    • Sleep 21 - 32 hours without humidifier and heated tube (up to 4 nights of sleep!)
    • NOTE: It will not get 8+ hours using heated tube. Use Explore Oxygen for heated tube.
  • Solid State Peltier Cooling: Battery is 100% Silent! No cooling fans.
  • Panasonic Lithium Ion Cells: Same brand as Tesla vehicles use! Smallest, lightest, best quality!
  • Super Light and Compact: 3.5 lb. 7.75” x 5.5” x 1.75” in. (1 car battery weighs 40 lb.!)
  • AC Outlet 110V (US): Works with all machine brands and models. Very Easy to Use!
    • Just plug in the battery! No need for special adapters, inverters, or voltage matching!
    • Powers Mac/PC laptops, internet modems, phones, tablets, lights, or any device < 120W
  • Content: Battery, wall charger, fast car charger, travel pouch, user manual, storage box.
  • Solar Panel Charger (optional): Allows travelling in remote areas. Fast 40W charging.
  • Recharge Time: Less than 8 hours.
  • Unlimited Linking Technology: No limit on linking up batteries to get more capacity!
  • *** NOTE: NOT FAA/TSA Compliant for Air Travel (over 160 Wh Limit) ***
  • NOTE: CPAP Battery is a FSA and HSA Eligible Item

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