RainCane Walking Cane Umbrella - 2 in 1 Design - Lightweight, Windproof, Heavy Duty Frame

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Introducing the newest product from the tam that brought you the Stand-A-Roo comes the RainCane Walking Cane Umbrella with a  2 in 1 Design.The lightweight, windproof, heavy duty design asks it very say to carry while remaining extremely strong and durable. The RainCane has a simple and elegant ergonomic design, the perfect combination of umbrellas and crutches Crutches grip, anti-slip design, all-terrain, effective support allows you to walk easily and reduce knee pressure.


  • Two in One Design -The RainCane has a detachable walking cane stick from a full size umbrella. Rest easy knowing you will be prepared anytime you leave the house. Our non-slip tip is necessary for stability on all surfaces in a wet environment.
  • Quality Construction - Our product uses materials to optimize for durability and portability. Woven fabric canvas for a waterproof canopy, strong aluminum frame and fiberglass body all engineered for a quality, lasting product.
  • Lightweight Aluminum alloy body, fiberglass umbrella ribs make this light and portable for anyone too easily carry around with them. The whole product weighs only 1 lb, making to a must have for any inclement weather.
  • Full Size Umbrella -- Full Size 48 Inch Canopy Umbrella with detachable 33 inch Walking Cane. Rain and Snow protection for two with the convenience of carrying one device. Umbrella handle is 28 inches long with cane detached.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - We stand behind the quality and reliability of all of our products. If this isn't the best, most convenient cane to prepare you for what mother nature might throw your way; please ask and we will issue a full and prompt refund on any returns within 60 days of purchase. That is an offer you won't find anywhere else in our market!

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