Stander Manual Recliner Lever Extender Plus

Stander STN-3050
$25.00 $39.99
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The Lever Extender Plus is a simple handle that makes it easier to raise and lower your recliner leg rest. The added length makes it easy to reach the lever and gives you more leverage while reclining.


  • 7-inch Wide Handle: The Lever Extender Plus has a 7-inch wide oversized handle to increase the size of your recliner lever
  • Padded Grip: The ergonomic padded handle is comfortable to grip from multiple angles
  • Adjustable Angle: Rotate the handle and lock into place at any angle to increase leverage when operating the recliner
  • Durable Steel: The black, powder-coated finish makes for an attractive and durable solution for injury recovery or back pain
  • Padded Design: The interior padding helps to protect the recliner handle from scuff marks or damage

Some Major Benefits:

  • Extends Handle Length: Extend the lever of your recliner up to 6 inches to put it within easy reach
  • Increases Leverage: Locking the extender at the optimal angle helps to increase leverage to easily lift or lower the leg rest
  • Easy to Install: Easily attach the Lever Extender to your recliner handle with the included hardware
  • Protects your Handle: The interior padding protects your recliner handle from scuff marks or damage


  • Length: 9″
  • Width: 7″
  • Weight: 2 lbs