Roscoe Medical Easy-Flex Lightweight CPAP Hose - Flexible CPAP Tubing

Roscoe Medical EASY-FLEX6

Roscoe Medical’s Lightweight CPAP Tubing has a soft, more flexible feel providing patients with the high quality they expect. Equipped with 22mm cuffs, our improved tubing is lighter and more flexible than comparable tubing. This tubing is dark gray in color and available in a variety of lengths. Intended for single-patient use.


  • FLEXIBLE CPAP TUBING: Roscoe's Medical improved tubing is softer and more flexible for ease of movement comfort storage and use. This dark gray tubing has 22 mm cuffs and is lighter and more flexible than many comparable hose options for CPAP machines.
  • LIGHWEIGHT CPAP HOSE: Roscoe Medical's CPAP tubing is high quality and available in a variety of hose lengths and styles to fit most CPAP APAP and Bi-level Systems. A smooth interior doesn't interfere with airflow and makes it easy to maintain and clean.
  • CPAP MACHINE SUPPLIES: Your CPAP machine is an important part of treatment for sleep apnea & in getting a full good night's sleep. Roscoe Medical carries a variety of parts & supplies for CPAP machines from masks to tubes so you can find the best fit.
  • HOME MEDICAL & MOBILITY EQUIPMENT: Roscoe Medical carries a variety home medical and mobility products including pain management therapy items such as TENS devices respiratory needs CPAP devices wheelchairs scooters walkers and other mobility aids.
  • QUALITY AND COMFORT: Compare Roscoe Medical CPAP accessories to others from brands like RespLabs Medical MARS Wellness Vaunn AG PMI Incorporated Marble Medical Legend Medical Devices Claid Devices EnduriMed ResMed and Philips Respionics.