Smart Caregiver Anti Wandering Cordless Monitor with Cordless Gray Floor Mat 24in x 36in

Smart Caregiver 433FM5-SYS
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Place the floor mat along side of a bed or by a doorway, when weight is applied to the floor mat, the alarm will sound to alert the caregiver that assistance is needed. The pressure sensing floor mat is gray, made of a high quality, durable rubber with non slip surface and beveled edges 24in x 36in. The wireless alarm can be placed in a convenient location with the caregiver. The alarm has a low, medium, high volume adjustment with a chime alert. The floor mat is pre-programmed to the alarm and ready for use upon delivery. Use 3-C batteries, (not included) or AC-04 power adapter (sold separately). One year manufacturer warranty.


  • This system contains a Cordless Monitor and Cordless 24in x 36in Floor Mat
  • 433-EC Monitor has low, medium, and high volume control, Low battery indicator, and Chime/Off switch.
  • FMT-05C Cordless Floor Mat is 24in x 36in and will come pre-programmed to monitor
  • Monitor runs on either 3 "C" batteries (not included) or AC-04 Adapter (not included)

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