Smart Caregiver Chair Sensor Pad 10"x15" with Straight Cord

Smart Caregiver PPC-WI

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Chair Sensor Pad Alarms alert a caregiver whenever pressure is removed from the sensor pad. When the resident is getting up, the pressure of the PPC-WI Sensor Pad by Smart Caregiver is removed and the alarm on a connected fall monitor (not included) will sound. IMPORTANT NOTE: Non-Returnable. For health and sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item. FEATURES: - Placed under the patient in bed, the weight-sensitive pressure pad will trigger a connected fall alarm (purchase separately) when weight is removed from the pad - Compatible with all Smart Caregiver fall prevention monitors and systems - Chair sensor pad is sealed and impervious to fluids, providing incontinence protection - Made with silver membrane technology to assure a long reliable life - Chair pad is easy to clean - Coiled cord reduces tripping and entanglement hazards - Bed Sensor Pad measures 10-in x 15-in - Non-returnable item - 1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty


  • This replacement pad must have an existing monitor in order to be used
  • Can be used as a replacement pad for the TL-2100B monitor
  • Can be used as a replacement pad for the TL-2100E monitor
  • Can be used as a replacement pad for the TL-2100S monitor
  • Can be used as a replacement pad for the TL-2016 monitor
  • Sensor Pad is placed under patient in bed
  • Monitor (not incl.) activates if patient gets up
  • Pad measures 10 x 15-in
  • Requires a connected fall monitor (not included) to be used

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