Smart Caregiver Nurse Call Button for Economy Central Monitoring Unit

Smart Caregiver 433-NC
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Nurse Call Button (for use with 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60 and 433-EC) 433MHz - 90 day warranty


  • Smart Caregiver's 433-NC Wireless Nurse Call Button allows a resident or a loved one to press a button requesting caregiver assistance.
  • Nurse call button sends a wireless signal to the 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60, or 433-EC (all sold separately), alleviating cord concerns and effectively alerting a caregiver.  (Note that button must be programmed to one of those compatible alarms before it will function properly, see alarm user instructions.)  *This item not compatible with TL-5102TP*
  • Includes a lanyard to wear around the neck or a cradle to mount in a more permanent location.
  • Easy to press and it's silent, NO NOISE in the room! Comes with 12 volt A23 battery!
  • Large print reads " PUSH FOR HELP" and graphic shows just where to press.

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