Essential Medical Supply Everyday Essentials® Deluxe Hip Kit with Elastic Shoelaces

Essential Medical Supply L3033

Everyday Essentials Deluxe Hip and Knee Kit with Shoelaces is designed to make life easier for individuals who have had hip or knee surgery. The complete set includes many of the items that you or your loved ones will need for physical therapy. The complete set includes each of the items you will need for physical therapy: 32 1/2"" aluminum reacher w/raised post magnetic tip, deluxe hourglass bath sponge, wooden dressing stick, molded sock aid, 3prs of 32" black shoelaces, 3prs of 32" white shoelaces, and a 27" metal shoehorn.


  • 1ea P2232 - 32½" aluminum reacher with magnetic tip
  • 1ea L3041 - Deluxe hourglass bath sponge
  • 1ea L3020 - Wooden dressing stick
  • 1ea L3009 - Deluxe molded sock aid
  • 1ea L3026BK - 3 prs 32" black shoelaces
  • 1ea L3026WH - 3 prs 32" white shoelaces
  • 1ea L3027 - Jumbo shoehorn