Enhanced Vision DaVinci Pro All-in-One HD Video Magnifier - Full Page Text-to-Speech

Enhanced Vision DaVinci-Pro
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Enhanced Vision Da Vinci Pro All-in-One HD Video Magnifier - Full Page Text-to-Speech

Please Note This item is currently a custom build upon ordering and will ship the 2nd week of December

Get a clearer perspective of what you're reading or viewing with the DaVinci Pro video magnifier.

Designed for enhanced vision, this high-performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV) lets you adjust the picture and size of text and images with a Full HD Sony® 1080p 3-in-1 camera. At the same time, full-page Text-to-Speech (OCR) provides some relief by reading the print back to you.

As you search for a video magnifier aligning with your lifestyle and changing vision, the DaVinci Pro delivers crystal-clear images in vibrant colors and contrast, thanks to the Full HD 1080p Sony® camera. This is achieved through the high-resolution LCD screen, which provides maximum picture details for a clear, bold display. Coupled with this is a large field of view, allowing you to see more on the screen. In addition, the DaVinci Pro's camera allows you to see near, far or a mirror image, making it the perfect electronic magnifier for any task.

Video monitors increasingly incorporate text-to-speech capabilities to support you as you read books, magazines or even a recipe. The DaVinci Pro's full-page OCR easily reads your favorite article or book aloud in a male or female premium voice and in many different languages. When the DaVinci Pro magnifier performs this function, you have the option to have it go through a full page or select an area to be read. Changing between live image and OCR is simply done with the push of one button.

As you aim to enhance your vision for several everyday tasks, the DaVinci Pro is great for applying makeup, shaving, reading, writing, viewing presentations and whiteboards and so much more! Plus, its sleek design makes it a perfect addition for work, home or school.

CCTV Features:

  • Sony® Full HD 1080p camera for live CCTV mode
  • 24” high resolution HD LCD, pivots for best image quality
  • Auto focus 3-in-1 camera for self-viewing, reading or distance viewing
  • Magnification up to 77x
  • Slide mechanism provides flexibility for various camera arm positions
  • 28 viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
  • Computer compatible – toggle between CCTV and computer, connects to iPad
  • Set up is easy, just plug in and begin
  • Two-year warranty

OCR Features:

  • 13 Mega Pixel Camera for accurate Full Page Text-to-Speech (OCR)
  • Reading preview lets you read the entire page or toggle through paragraphs and read selected text
  • Easy-to-use console with simple and advanced modes
  • Male & Female premium voices
  • Save documents, pictures or books and export files to your PC

Product Measurements:

  • 24” LCD: 22.25” H x 22.75” W x 19.75” D (65.1cm H X 57.8cm W x 50.2cm D)

Camera: High Definition Sony 1080p Full HD Camera

Product Weight: 21.4 lbs (9.7 Kg)

Magnification Range:

  • Normal Range: 2.0x – 36.6x
  • Extended Range: 2.0x – 77.0x

Power Supply: Input voltage/current: 120-240 VAC / 0.3-0.5A (nominal)

Output voltage: 19 VDC

Frequency: 50 OR 60 Hz

Power usage:

  • While ON 30W
  • While in Standby Less than 5W
  • While OFF Less than 1W Equipment Classification (IEC 601-1):

Type of Protection: Class 1

Degree of Protection: Type B

Mode of Operation: Continuous

Operating temperature range: 0-40°C / 32-104°F

Storage/transport temperature range: 0-60°C / 32-140°F

Warranty: 2 Years

DaVinci Pro Magnifier Overview