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WelHub - Innovative Ergonomically Designed Mobility Products

Welhub was formed in 2015 as a result of recognizing a gap in the market for innovative, high quality mobility aid devices.  Out of that recognition came the idea to design a device to be a tool for living happier and healthier lives without limitations. Our devices were originally placed in private homes. After receiving feedback from users, their family members, and professional caregivers, we realized our devices could also be beneficial in professional facility environments.
Welhub’s value provided to customers is designing unique and high-quality products to address specific health and wellness needs. Our philosophy behind our products is to use the best materials and manufacturing methods to create the most functional, durable, and light weight products available.


Welhub’s products are built entirely in the USA using the highest quality of locally and globally sourced materials and components. This allows us to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product available on the market in terms of safety, durability, and dependability.