Gloria Roma Century 21 Award Senior Real Estate Specialist

People who work with Gloria Roma do so because of her uncanny ability to understand their goals and help them to achieve them. Gloria is a pro when it comes to marketing and quality of service for each client. Client care is her priority. She listens to how they want to be served and what they need to feel comfortable during the real estate process of selling their home.
High quality professional photographers and videographers are used for every listing. Buyers love to look at pictures of homes and if those pictures depict anything less than stellar quality...the buyer moves on to the next listing. Professional photography creates buyer demand of a home. Demand creates competition and competition drives the price upward.
Marketing is her secret weapon, an ordinary agent will put the listing in the MLS then sit around and wait for other agents to sell the home. Gloria takes the proactive approach. She leans out into the market place and actively markets every single listing every single day. Whether its knocking on doors, sending out information via mail, sharing the listing with the entire world via her 100's of website connections and social media influencers (who also share). Her website has hundreds of buyers inquiring about her listings every month! The MLS is only one tool in her listing tool box, whereas the ordinary agent that is their only tool.

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  • Estate- Selling your Real Estate Holdings
  • Aging in Place- Your Resource for Aging in Place Contractors
  • Resource- Your Resource for Everything to assist you; Estate Sales, move-out, Organize & Plan

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