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Zanthion humanizes senior care with SMART Communities

We provide the technology that allows assisted living and nursing communities innovative ways to provide the highest quality of care, retain loyal customers and staff, and meet regulatory requirements—all while adjusting to declining reimbursement rates. We accomplish this through the Zanthion Platform utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and a community integration process.

SMART Communities.

What are SMART Communities? They are groups of people who have committed to improve the quality of life for seniors using the IoT to enable: Safety, Mental/Physical Health, Activity, Rest and Togetherness.

At Zanthion, we believe SMART Communities will shape senior care for generations to come. Every innovation we create focuses on enabling: Safety, Mental/Physical Health, Activity, Rest and Togetherness. Here are a few examples of how Zanthion impacts these areas:

Safety – Zanthion can predict, prevent and detect falls through real-time monitoring and gait analysis. The Zanthion Platform can use responsive flooring, lighting, environmental enhancements and assessments, or by having sensors built into watches, fashionable clothing, jewelry or belt clips with sophisticated event analysis. The Zanthion Platform can help prevent wandering by helping staff to determine resident locations inside and outside of buildings. Automated lighting and temperature control can also greatly increase safety.

Mental/Physical Health – Smart speakers or ergonomic earbuds are used to play soothing sounds when a resident has an increased heart rate or is anxious to help calm them down. Sensors can also monitor conditions, such as blood pressure and oxygen levels, and notify stakeholders if there is cause for concern. Adult brief sensors are another great solution indicating a need for intervention with soiling events, which can help helps to prevent sepsis. Wireless temperature sensors are also effective ways to keep track of refrigerator and room temperatures, which can help reduce food poisoning and ensure compliance with state laws.

Activity – The Zanthion Platform can measure activity levels, oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure and bone density. Activity monitors are everywhere, but seniors require more targeted functionality that communicates changes in pace and gait, how fast a senior sits down or gets up, how many steps they take in a day, what their heart rate is at what pace, what their blood pressure is, etc. Zanthion makes this possible. It can also inform seniors when they need to give their knees a rest or drink more water.

Rest – Accelerometers can be affixed to the legs or backboard of beds to recognize when a resident has gotten out of bed, rolled out of bed or left the bed at night and not gotten back to bed. These take the place of frustrating bed exit alarms. New wireless oxygen and heart rate monitors can also trigger soothing music be turned on to change breathing behaviors at night when connected to IFTTT (If This Then That) and an Amazon Echo.

Togetherness – Connectivity is the core principle of an improved senior care society. The IoT can connect residents to each other, staff or loved ones. It can keep everyone

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  • Zanthion SMART Community Platform - Community based monitoring and notification
  • Zanthion SMART Home - Aging in Place monitoring
  • Zanthion Performance Dashboard

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