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Bey Lea Village
1351 Old Freehold Rd
Toms River, NJ


Bay Lea Village is a long term care residence, located in the town of Toms River, New Jersey. Toms River has a population of about 90,000 people, and is east of Philadelphia, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The focus of Bay Lea Village is to develop a care approach that aims to please the residents as much as possible.

They apply a program that involves therapy that will address the whole well-being of each and every resident in our community. For each resident, a specialized program is created for them. They involve specialists from all kinds of medical fields to create these plans. The goal of this is for us to design a program and plan that ultimately meets the needs of the residents. The community is so revered that doctors will refer their own residents to this community. They have a highly trained and dedicated staff, as well. They also have various care services like the STAR short stay rehabilitation. STAR stand for Specialized Therapy and Rehabilitation. Bay Lea Village aims for STAR to be much more than a typical rehabilitation program.

The objective of STAR is to not only get residents out of rehabilitation, but to make sure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay while they are residents of Bay Lea Village. They accomplish this by giving residents personal attention and amenities that is second to none. The STAR program promotes the residents independent living by getting the residents health and lifestyle to the highest level thats possible to achieve.

Staff members work with their doctors to create a specialized plan thats just made for them. They also have expert therapists that will work with residents to help them achieve their goals in mobility and strength. Each resident has a STAR Concierge assigned to them. The STAR Concierge has one goal, which is to make the residents stay as enjoyable as possible.

They also have an assisted living program for all residents to enjoy. This is for seniors who may need a higher level of care or supervision than they may have needed before. This program includes help with various daily activities, like restorative nursing that will help residents with medical needs and services. There are also dining services that are provided and community support groups available. In addition, there are also various physical activities that residents can participate in, no matter their capabilities or abilities.

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