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Preventing Senior Falls in Bathrooms

More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) says

How Bidets Help Disabled People

One of the biggest benefits that are normally associated with bidet seats is that they are extremely beneficial to people

The attachable bidet makes the bidet a bathroom fixture that can be installed in virtually any bathroom. You no longer need to set aside a separate corner for a bidet. Instead, you can have this fixture installed right on your toilet seat. The bidet will use the same source of water as the toilet. Some bidets may also need a source of electricity, but outlets are typically within reach. There's an attachable bidet to suit any needs as long as you know what you're looking for. If you're new to the idea of a bidet, there are several factors that will help you find the best product for your needs. Attachable Bidets for Any Bathroom First you should consider the type of toilet that you have. If the tank is separate from the toilet, then you have a two-piece model. This is the most common type of toilet. If the tank is not in a separate piece, you have a one-piece toilet. This will affect the types of bidets that are available to you. You should also check to see if your toilet seat is round or elongated. There are bidet models for all types of seats, but you should measure yours carefully to ensure that the bidet you select will fit correctly. Armed with these measurements, a sales representative can help you make the final decision. There are many different types of bidets. Considering your needs may help you choose the right one. Consider these questions. Do you have difficulty maneuvering in the bathroom? If so, a bidet with a wireless remote will ensure that you can always reach the controls. Do you find the toilet to be cold and uncomfortable, especially in winter? A bidet toilet seat that's heated will solve this problem and make the bathroom much more comfortable. Do you suffer from constipation? Look for a bidet with a massage or pulsation feature. This type of water stream can ease constipation. Do you have small children who have trouble finding the bathroom at night? Some bidet toilet seats come equipped with a nightlight beneath the rim that can solve this problem. Are you intimidated by a lot of different features on the bidet? Look for a basic installation that has only a few settings. This will make the bidet more comfortable for new users. There's truly a bidet available for every type of user. Look around and find a design that you're comfortable with. Pictures, extensive product descriptions, and even videos are available to help you make your choice. Bio Bidet customer representatives are happy to help if you need more information. There's an attachable bidet available to suit any home
Attachable Bidets for Any Bathroom

The attachable bidet makes the bidet a bathroom fixture that can be installed in virtually any bathroom. You no longer