New Tips on Shopping Online Safely

New Tips on Shopping Online Safely

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month!  Do you know the best online shopping practices?  Our tips on website and mobile safety have all been updated to reflect the most recent advancements made in online security.  With holiday shopping around the corner, it’s a good idea to take a look at how to shop online safely.   You don’t want your personal financial information in the hands of crooks.    New Tips on Shopping Online Safely

Sainsbury’s Bank Visual Guide to Shopping Safely Online

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As a Director of Marketing, Kimberly Johnson is passionate about providing Seniors with the resources and products to live well.  Kimberly is a seasoned caregiver to her family and breast cancer survivor.  Her father battled ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, for 13 months before passing.  Today Kimberly lives in Southern California near her 102 year old grandmother, widowed mother, a mentally disabled sister and second sister who is also a breast cancer survivor.  She is happily married to her husband of 22 years and they have 3 children.

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