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PPE - Personal Protection Equipment

While vaccinations are available, it's still important to maintain preventative measures in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and going back out into the world doesn't necessarily mean a return to normalcy. Many states will keep their mask mandates in place. And its always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to germs. 

Senior.com will continue to provide all the necessary PPE products. Whether it's masks, sanitizers, or disinfectants, we've recently updated our shopping experience to make it easier to find what you're looking for!

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Helpful Articles From SeniorNews.com

10+ Ways to Connect and Care During COVID-19
As our elders stay inside their homes, their apartments and their residential communities, we search for ways to connect with them as well as to make their lives and their care better. Here are 10+ ways to connect and care for your elders during this unprecedented time. Some are simple, but simple works right now. Engage with Them: Send a note or card in the mail. Include a photo, a drawing, or news clipping that you want to share. Elders love getting snail mail. Ask them to write you a story that they’ve never told you before. If your elder...
How to Help Seniors in the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19, coronavirus, plain old ‘corona’ – whatever you want to call it, it’s a pandemic with serious ramifications. However, there is already a lot of misinformation out there – good-natured or otherwise – spanning topics ranging from kitchen remedies to home testing. As you may have heard, older adults are among the groups most at-risk of both catching the virus, and suffering fatally. That’s why we’ve written this article about the best ways to help them. With all these suggestions and instructions flying around, it can be hard to get a grip on the best course of action. That’s why...
Maintaining medication adherence during a health crisis
People of all ages can have difficulty managing their medications, but this is especially true for seniors who may face physical limitations, memory loss, and multiple chronic conditions. Add to this the complexity that coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing has created for caregivers and older adults, and you have a perfect storm for medication non-adherence, which is estimated to account for 10% of hospital readmissions, nearly 25% of nursing home admissions, and 20% of preventable adverse drug events in older adults. So, what is medication non-adherence? According to the American Pharmacists Association, non-adherence includes delaying or not filling a prescription, skipping...

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