Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

Betty arrived at the local grocery store after receiving her food assistance benefits for the month. Eager to purchase essential items that she had put off until now, she placed her purse in a shopping cart and moved through the store with casual ease. Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

As she took her time in the store, two men watched the senior citizen at a distance. They eyed their prey, looking for signs that she might not be alone. It didn’t take long for them to confirm her solo status and potential vulnerability.

The two men waited for the woman to move to a location absent nearby shoppers. That opportunity came in the produce section. Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

As the woman examined apples in a large bin, one of the men moved to her right and engaged her in conversation. He asked about the produce and how to select the best-tasting fruit. The woman welcomed the opportunity to share her knowledge and help the nice young man with his selection. When she focused her attention on the man, the man’s partner moved up from behind, slipped his hand into the woman’s unattended purse, and pulled out her wallet. After he stashed the wallet in his jacket and walked away, the man’s partner thanked the woman for her help and left.

The woman continued her shopping as usual, happy that she did her good deed for the day helping someone in need. When it came time to pay for her grocery purchase at the check stand, she discovered the absence of her wallet.

Later, the store manager and local police reviewed videotape footage of the woman’s trek through the store. That’s when they saw how two men swiped the woman’s wallet without her knowledge. The violation devastated the woman. She wept in the store manager’s office at the knowledge that she wouldn’t be able to buy groceries for the month. Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

The store manager apologized to the woman for the theft and paid for her groceries that day. Officers on the scene helped the woman cancel her credit cards and did their best to comfort her. At the end of the traumatic experience, the woman took her groceries home.

Though the police couldn’t find the two men, they visited her home the next day and offered her store gift cards to help her buy groceries for the rest of the month.

Thieves lurk everywhere, including your local grocery store. These dastardly criminals know shoppers feel more relaxed in a familiar setting, such as a grocery store, and customers are more likely to drop their guard. These evil individuals would take every dollar a person possesses if they could, even it forces a senior citizen to go without food or medicine.

Never take your eyes off your valuables while shopping, even for a moment. Do what you can to avoid turning your attention away from your purse while shopping. If possible, use a long strap to wear your purse across your chest. Make it as difficult for a thief to target you as possible to avoid the possibility of becoming a victim.

If someone approaches you in a store, don’t turn your back to your purse. Place your hand on the purse and don’t let go. The person might just be passing by, but it’s also possible the individual wants your valuables. Err on the side of caution every time.

When you first walk into a store, repeat this to yourself, “Don’t take my eyes off my purse,” then touch your purse as an additional physical reminder. Your mind will connect the words to the action and make it easier to remember, enhancing the mind/muscle connection. Make it a habit when approaching a store, walking through the entrance, grabbing a shopping cart, or whenever someone gets close to you in the store. Repeat it to yourself every time, and often. The more you repeat “Don’t take my eyes off my purse,” and then touch your purse, the less likely you’ll become a victim of a criminal who wants to rob you blind. Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

Preventing purse theft at a grocery store Preventing purse theft at a grocery store Preventing purse theft at a grocery store

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