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Healthy Lifestyle Nano Blue Light Atomizer II Disinfectant Spray Gun

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The Healthy Lifestyle Nano Blue Light Atomizer Disinfectant Spray Gun is wireless operation gun that is regarchable. Use any disinfectant liquid or alcohol any spray down your counters, desks, equipment, car, home or any place needing disinfecting. 


  • Easy to use cold mis sprayer can run for 2 hours fully charged.
  • 10W braced power with a bottle capacity of 800 ml
  • Very light weight only weighing 1.2 lbs
  • This is a healthy environmentally safe way to disinfect your spaces with a contactless approach.
  • Use any liquid disinfectant or alcohol that can be atomized

Cleaning Instructions:

If the gun becomes clogged please follow these instructions:
  1. Use a water based solution for the gun, and remember to clean the inner bottle and tube regular after use.
  2. When the gun clogs, after cleaning the inside throughly, try to put clean hot water inside and spray hot water out to unclog.
  3. If clogging persist, please let us know so we can send a replacement part
  4. It is required to fill the gun with clean water or vinegar and spray them out after use to avoid unclogging regularly, leaving the disinfecting solution in the sprayer gun for too long will cause clogging.
  5. If the clogging happened, use a brush or thin needle to clean the hole and unclog it.