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DMI Reach Assist Dressing Aid Kit - Daily Living Aids

DMI 641-8173-0000
$74.95 $94.95
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  • THIS CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE ALL-IN-ONE DRESSING AID KIT MAKES DRESSING EASIER FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LIMITED MOBILITY, arthritis, trouble bending, use of only one hand or are recovering from an injury or operation -- especially hip, knee or back surgery.
  • THE DELUXE SOCK AID HELPS YOU PUT ON YOUR SOCKS WITHOUT BENDING. The versatile dressing stick helps you to pull up zippers or shoelace loops, pull on shirts and jackets and pull up pants and skirts.
  • THE ABLEWARE RAPTOR TRIGGER-STYLE REACHER HELPS YOU EASILY PICK UP ITEMS on high shelves or on the floor without bending and reaching.
  • THE EXTRA-LONG SHOE HORN helps you put on our shoes wihtout bending down.
  • THE LONG-HANDLED BATH SPONGE HELPS YOU CLEAN your back, legs and feet without having to bend. It's also great for cleaning hard-to reach areas in the home.
  • DELUXE SOCK AID: 27" Dressing Aid Stic; 24" Raptor Reacher


  • Deluxe Sock Aid
  • 27” Dressing Aid Stick
  • 24” Raptor Reacher
  • 19-1/2” Shoe Horn
  • 22-1/2” Scrubbies Long Handled Bath Sponge
  • Elastic shoelaces: 1 pair each of 30” white, 24” black