DMI Stress Ease Allergy Free Orthopedic Bed Pillows

DMI 554-7904-1900

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Don’t let allergies slow you down. If you’re looking for an extra firm hypoallergenic, orthopedic bed pillow, the DMI Stress Ease Allergy Free Pillow is for you. The pillow’s outer raised lobes provide proper alignment and maximum neck support while your head is nestled in the concave center area. This orthopedic pillow has the added benefit of a built-in allergen barrier that protects you from bacteria, mold and mildew, helping you sleep more peacefully through the night. The pillow is made of hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill which holds its shape after repeated use and machine washings. The non-removable self-cover has an attractive pattern and will fit nicely into any décor.

Take control of your environment. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid conditions, making your bed a natural place for them to breed and multiply by the millions. These tiny creatures carry dust and allergens, filling the air and your bedding as you sleep. Allergy and asthma specialists recommend allergen barrier bedding as an effective way to create a healthier sleeping environment. This DMI pillow uses Pristine, an allergen-barrier fabric cover. Pristine is a tightly woven fabric with such a small pore size (less than 10 microns) that it creates a barrier to lint, dust and dust mites, helping to protect against allergic reactions. Protection lasts for the lift of the pillow.


  • Breathe easier. This sleek, allergy-free pillow has a built-in allergen barrier that protects you from bacteria, mold and mildew, meaning you can sleep more restfully through the night. Great for any sleep position!
  • Take control of your allergies. This allergen shield is bonded to the fabric so you don’t have to worry about washing it off. Allergen-free bedding like this is recommended by doctors to help control asthma and allergies.
  • Superior neck support. Multi-size lobes (17 x 22 inch pillow only) help provide total neck support in most sleeping positions. Don’t let a sore neck slow you down!
  • Take control of your recovery. The pillow provides ideal relief for whiplash, post-spinal surgery and headaches.
  • The pillow has a breathable self-cover with no noisy, uncomfortable coatings to disturb your sleep. 100 percent hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill holds its shape.
  • This pillow gives you allergy protection for the life of the pillow
  • Easy to clean! Machine wash the entire pillow as often as necessary.
  • Attractive pillow fits inside most standard pillow cases though a pillow case is not required
  • UPC: 041298079040; 041298079071

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