Essential Medical Supply Everyday Essentials® Economy Hip Kit

Essential Medical Supply L3030
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Everyday Essentials Standard Hip and Knee Kits is designed to make life easier for individuals who have had hip or knee surgery. The complete set includes many of the items that you or your loved ones will need for physical therapy. Includes one each of the following: 26" aluminum reacher w/raised post magnetic tip, standard sock aid (with instructions), plastic elongated shoehorn, long handle round bath sponge, and a wooden dressing stick.


  • 1ea P2226 - 26 1/2" Aluminum Reacher
  • 1ea L3008 - Standard Sock Aid
  • 1ea L3020 - Wooden Dressing Stick
  • 1ea L3023 - Plastic Shoehorn
  • 1ea L3040 - Round Bath Sponge

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