Essential Medical Supply Memory P.F.® Memory Foam Round Crescent Travel Pillow

Essential Medical Supply N3002

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Memory P.F. is a high quality memory foam that is designed to give the end user the "personal fit" of memory foam. Memory P.F. is the highest quality, low priced memory foam on the market and features a 6lb. density, the same as the market leader. Each piece contains pure visco elastic foam that is encased in a washable luxurious blue zippered velveteen cover. The Round Travel Pillow is the ideal cushion for travel with a crescent design that "cradles” the neck. Be certain to pick this up before your next flight!


  • Heavyweight 6 lb. Density - Not the Lighter Version Sold by Many Others
  • Crescent Design to Cradle the Neck
  • Luxurious, Removable Navy Blue "Velveteen" Cover

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