Essential Medical Supply Memory P.F.® Sculpture Comfort Seat Cushion

Essential Medical Supply N3009

Memory P.F. Sculptured “Comfort” Cushion are designed to relieve pressure, provide a comfortable seat for individuals sitting in chairs, riding in cars, scooters, etc. This seating cushion includes molded, 6 lb. density memory foam that gives outstanding support and comfort. Encased in removable and washable luxurious zippered blue velveteen cover. The sculpted design is anatomically correct and provides maximum comfort.

Also available in a Rear Cut Out option, which relieves pressure on the coccyx area while still providing maximum comfort.


  • Sculpted Design is Anatomically Correct and Provides Maximum Comfort
  • Made of Memory PF high density memory foam
  • Designed to fit in bucket seats making it perfect for cars and scooters
  • Luxurious zippered, removable, washable blue velveteen cover.
  • Rear Cut Out option relieves pressure on the coccyx area.