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EZEE Shed® Steel Storage Shed - 6 ft. x 5 ft.

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Introducing the EZEE Shed, a remarkable all-galvanized steel shed that assembles in half the time! Our innovative patented Snap-It™ Quick Assembly system ensures not only a faster assembly but also a stronger shed. The EZEE Shed's ingenious design reduces the need for hardware by a remarkable 50%, translating to quicker setup.

Our unique assembly system also reinforces the steel walls of the unit, resulting in an overall more robust shed. The Snap-IT™ panels overlap and connect every 12 inches, creating a resilient structure that's better equipped to resist dents and damage.

The EZEE Shed reimagines outdoor storage units with a fresh and modern aesthetic. Its updated color palette complements your outdoor living space, providing an attractive addition to your backyard. Furthermore, the shed is fully framed, eliminating any exposed panel ends. You have the flexibility to choose a unit with the same panel and trim color for a sleek look or opt for contrasting colors to accentuate the trim.

Features & Highlights:

  • 50% less hardware than the standard leading shed for 50% faster assembly
  • Assembly is easier and improved with the Snap-IT Quick Assembly system: simply snap panels into place and use the steel channels to bond the panels and walls of your shed together
  • 2x stronger design: the EZEE Shed's unique bonding process means panels overlap every 12", increasing both the thickness and overall strength of the unit: making it more resistant to denting and damage.
  • New swing doors offer up to a 33% larger doorway, making storing large, bulky items easier than before. The swing doors feature a heavy-duty frame for a more durable doorway, and 3 door hinges for improved durability.
  • Improved roof assembly process compared to standard sheds: assemble your shed's roof on the ground for easier, safer (and faster) roof to panel attachment
  • Gable vents allow for better air circulation and temperature regulation within your steel shed unit
  • Improved Handles All-steel door handles are zinc plated for superior corrosion and rust resistance. Handles are pad-lockable to make safely storing items
  • EZEE Shed is a registered trademark of Arrow Storage Products. The Snap-IT Quick Assembly System is trademark of Arrow Storage Products.

The EZEE Shed takes convenience to a new level with swing doors that are 33% larger than those of the competition, making it effortless to move large and bulky items in and out. It offers additional headroom and storage space due to a steeper roof pitch. Gable vents are included for improved air circulation within the unit, effectively reducing humidity during hot summer months.

For added security, the pad-lockable handles are constructed entirely from steel and zinc-plated to resist corrosion and rust. The EZEE Shed represents a strong and contemporary alternative to the typical backyard shed, setting a new standard in steel shed assembly and design