HealthCraft SuperPole - Household Fall Prevention Standing Aid - Open Box

HealthCraft STP-S-OB
$269.50 $349.00
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The HealthCraft’s SuperPole is ideal for any room, providing stability and functionality in a clean and modern design. When used with the SuperBar or the SuperTrapeze, the Superpole gives you even more support. It is easily installed between any floor and ceiling by turning a pressurized jackscrew, and the pressure created by the jackscrew is strong enough to support up to 300 lbs with the standard pole. Its versatility makes it adaptable to any room in your home; whether you are using it for bathroom safety, or as a grab bar by your bed, the SuperPole can be multi-purposed to meet your support needs.

Using HealthCraft's innovative "Pivot and Lock" technology, the SuperBar has height locking positions, one every 45 degrees, for superior centralized support as you move. Simply lift the rail and move the bar to automatically lock it into the next position. This system provides safety at all points during a transfer.


  • Super pole - Incredibly solid, expansion fit, floor to ceiling pole.
  • Helpful for sitting and standing and can be installed in virtually any room.
  • Quick, easy and secure installation.
  • Simply turn the screw at the bottom.
  • Expands between the floor and ceiling, creating unparalleled sturdiness and reliability.
  • Rubber pads on the floor and ceiling plates prevent marking, even on stipple ceilings.
  • Valuable assistance beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair.
  • 3 options available
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Floor to ceiling range: 93-99''.
  • Color/Finish: - White anti-microbial powder coat finish.
  • Assembly Instructions: - Assembly required.
  • Warranty: - 1 Year limited warranty.