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HealthSmart® GripLoc™ Sliding Reacher Grabber - 43 Inch Long

HealthSmart 640-1900-0001
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Exclusive PowerSlide technology
The HealthSmart GripLoc sliding reacher grabber incorporates a unique patent-pending two-handed design that provides increased leverage and better control than traditional reachers. It does the hard work by securely gripping the out-of-reach object, helping to protect your back in the process.

Twist and Click Lock
The Twist and Click lock eliminates the need to squeeze a handle. Whether your item sits on a top shelf or lounges behind the furniture, just twist the handle to lock the jaws in place as you grip your items. The jaws remain secure until you are ready to release them. Ideal for those with arthritis or other nerve/muscular challenges in the hands.

Convenient Built-In Hanger
Storing this reacher could not get any easier. Its slim design is complemented by a built-in hanger for easy storage.


  • Engineered from the ground-up, the GripLoc Sliding Reacher offers a no-squeeze grip by incorporating a unique patent-pending two-handed design providing increased leverage and better control than traditional reachers
  • Exclusive PowerSlide technology coupled with large easy-to-grasp handles make opening and closing the jaw effortless
  • New Twist and Click Lock, offers an intuitive way to lock the jaws in place keeping your items safe and secure until you release them
  • Extra-wide jaw with micro-grip tips lets you pick up almost any item with ease
  • Slim design with built-in hanger offers quick out of the way storage
  • Extra long 43 Inches
  • 1-year Limited warranty