LifeSmart Single Button Zero Gravity Massage Chair with 6 Programs & Body Scan

LifeSmart R8370
$1,649.99 $2,499.00
You save 33% ($849.01)

Enjoy a multi-functional therapeutic massage in the comfort and privacy of your home with the Lifesmart Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Body Scan. Auto body scan sensors detect and adjust massage nodes specific to your body type. Wall hugger space-saving design allows for placement just a few inches from the wall. The zero gravity feature is designed to suspend the body into a neutral position with feet elevated, allowing deeper relaxation and tension release. This massage chair features a 36" i track ergonomically designed to extend massage rollers from the neck and continue down to the lumbar area, providing a full body massage with the right touch of pressure to deliver optimum massage, aiding in relieving back stress and improving your body's circulation.

A total of 34 airbags offer a whole-body massage featuring four shoulders, eight-arm, four waist, eight leg, and 10 feet airbags. Personalize your massage therapy from your neck all the way down to your legs using six auto pre-programmed 15-minute massage modes or select a more custom massage with five manual massage techniques. The heating element in the lower back area gradually warms to soothe backaches and pain. Built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while you enjoy your massage experience as well. An attractive 2-tone upholstery design will complement room décor.


  • Single button zero gravity
  • Built in wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Auto Detects Function-Optimizes your Massage Experience based on Your Physical Makeup
  • Extendable Footrest Up to 6.5" . Special Design for People with different Height
  • Digital LCD Remote Control
  • 36" SL track, Extends from Neck to Lower lumbar, deeply massage the neck and shoulders
  • Foot Airbags on Each Foot Sole
  • 43 Total Airbags Provide a Whole-Body Massage Experience from Shoulders to Feet
  • 4 Shoulder Airbags
  • 8 Arm Airbags
  • 5 Waist Airbags
  • 12 Leg Airbags
  • 14 Feet Airbags


  • Carbon Fiber Heating Element Around Waist Gradually and Gently Warms to Soothe Muscles
  • Incremental Timer Function
  • Stretching whole Body Function using Thai Massage Technique
  • 6 Auto Pre-programmed Massage Modes:
    Refresh, Relaxing, Sport Care, Soft Massage, Yoga & Dream Massage Cycle
  • 5 Manual Massage Modes:
    Kneading, Clapping, Knocking, Tapping, and Shiatsu