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Reminder Rosie 2.0 Stress Free Alarm Clock That Responds To Verbal Personal Voice Commands

SMPL Technology Electronics SMPL-58061
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Reminder Rosie is a 100% Hands Free Digital Alarm Clock Memory Aid with Revolutionary Speech Recognition; Records & Announces Multiple Loud Personalized Voice Alarms at a Specific Time and Date; Everyday, Weekly, Monthly & Annually. A Simple Solution to Remember Meds, Appointments, Household & Personal Tasks, Birthdays & Much More… We have been searching for a talking clock for dementia patients who are experiencing sight and memory problems and have found this memory aid with an Large LED clock display. Caregiver’s lives can be a lot less stressful with this easy to use reminder clock known as ‘Reminder Rosie’ The caregiver at home or at a facility can record a reminder. An example could be “I love you Dad, it’s time to take 1 blue pill and 2 yellow pills” and this is set for 8 am daily. The reminder can be turned off by touching the clock or by saying “reminder off”. The reminder keeps being repeated intermittently for up to 30 minutes. Rosie can also announce loud (you control the volume) personal messages preset to go off when you want: daily, weekly or at a certain date during the year. This is done in your own voice so it can be in any language. This is truly a talking reminder clock!


  • PERSONALIZED VOICE REMINDERS: Record up to 25 reminders/messages in the familiar voice of a loved one shown to deliver maximum task compliance.
  • NOTHING NEW TO LEARN: Users hear reminders, accomplish task and turn off reminders without touching any buttons or speaking to Rosie
  • RECORD IN ANY LANGUAGE: Anyone, in any voice in any language. You can even record comforting messages such as “mom I love you, good night”
  • UNLIMITED USE CASES: Record reminders/messages daily, weekly, Mon-Fri, by date or annually with associated reminder times
  • NO WIFI, NO FEES: Eliminates frustrations associated with wi-fi and costly recurring monthly fees