Seni Lady Light Pads - Regular

Seni S-2U30-PL1
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Seni Lady Light Pads Regular designed for women who lead an active life, and praise comfort and security combined with discretion.

Premium Quality bladder control Seni Lady Light Pads Regular are a perfect solution for women in dribbling and light urinary incontinence.


  • Side gathers, anatomical shape and wide adhesive strip that secures the pad to the underwear help to prevent leakage.
  • Many leaks happen on the side area so the Seni Lady side gathers ensure extra protection.
  • The pads are made of soft, vapor permeable fabrics and have EDS that distributes wetness quickly along the pad and helps protect the skin.
  • They are individually wrapped for your convenience and discretion.
  • Seni Lady pads are ideal also during and after pregnancy period.
  • 30 pads per pack
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Vapor permeable outer layer informs that a given product helps the skin to breathe easily. The special structure of this outer layer makes it possible for the air to pass through, however it stops the liquid. This property decreases the amount of chafes and skin irritations, and also minimizes the risk of bedsore development. Products made of vapor permeable outer layer are more skin friendly than the products made with insulating foil.